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Teeth Whitening

As we age, our adult teeth often become lightly stained, leading to a darker appearance.  External tooth discoloration is caused by factors outside the body, mainly foods and tobacco.  The main causes of external tooth discoloration are smoking, foods with tannins, coffee, tea, and other foods.  These surface stains can be removed, restoring a fresh appearance to your smile through the use of professional whitening.  Professional tooth whitening is the preferred whitening method because stronger agents are employed than what is sold in retail stores.  In addition, we use trays that are customized for your teeth.  These trays will last for years under normal use. 

Tooth whitening can last for one or more years, depending on how well you take care of your teeth.  Over time, if you decide to get a whitening touch-up, we will gladly supply you with additional whitening agent to use with your existing whitening trays.  We will provide you with this whitening agent at a reduced price, provided that your whitening trays are in good condition- contact us for details.

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